Hearthstone Farm, Inc.  Dousman, WI   announces. . .

A New Program of Intense Study for Dressage Riders and Trainers


Make the most of those dreary winter months with indoor classroom activities and riding in a HEATED ARENA.


Hearthstone Farm Inc. and Jayne Ayers are very pleased to present a new concept in one day clinics for dressage riders and trainers.  Each clinic will focus on the intricacies of only one exercise, or two related movements, and go in depth into the analysis and riding of the exercises. 


  • Learn how it fits into the overall training and development of the horse

  • Analyze the biomechanics of both horse and rider

  • Watch video of both correct and incorrect versions to see what the judge is looking for

  • Develop strategies to improve your scores at the shows

  • Practice on different patient school masters, as well as your own horse

  • Have your efforts video-ed and analyzed


Enrollment will be limited to only SIX PARTICIPANTS.  This will ensure the opportunity to learn to perform the movements on several school masters, as well as your own horse.  Auditors are welcome, and will get copies of all handouts, and be able to participate in discussions. These clinics are suitable for professionals, as well as amateurs working at the levels where these movements are incorporated.

  • Lunch, drinks, and snacks are included

  • Day board for visiting horses is included in the fees.

  • Auditors must register ahead, because food and handouts are included.  No walk-ins!

Participants  $185.00                           Auditors  $75.00

Schedule and Application

November 15, 2008            Leg yield and Turn on the Forehand

January 10, 2009               Shoulder-In

January 11, 2009               Travers and Renvers

March 21, 2009               Half-Pass and Counter-Changes of Hand

February 7, 2009               Turn on the Haunches and Walk Pirouette

February 28, 2009               Rein Releases:  Long and Low, Deep and Round, Uberstreichen

Coffee and sign-in at 8:30 AM.  Seminar should finish about 4:00 PM.

To reserve your place, please fill out completely and e-mail to reply, or mail to W381 S5225 Highway ZC, Dousman, Wisconsin 53118, or fax to 262-965-2164.  Please enclose a check .


Name  __________________________________________________________




Home phone number______________Work phone number_________________


Fax number____________________E-Mail _____________________________ 


Participant _______       Bringing horse?  Yes ___  No ___         Auditor _______


During what session(s) would you like to enroll?


I understand that my payment for the clinic is not refundable, but in case of emergency cancellation, is transferable to other Movement Clinics or to other Hearthstone Farm Inc. lessons, camps, seminars, or other activities.


Questions?  E-mail Jayne Ayers at Jayne@dressagehorse.com or call 262-965-2066.



Contact us for more information and an application:
262-965-2066 or info@dressagehorse.com

W381 S5225 Highway ZC   Dousman, WI  53118